St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Evansville, IN
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Celebrating over 170 years of service

to the Catholic Community of Evansville

       On Evansvilleís western edge is a 115 acre natural sanctuary.  Its gently rolling, meticulously groomed terrain is dappled by mature shade trees.  Itís serenity is enhanced by the trill of songbirds.  This is St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, a wonderfully peaceful place for prayer, reflection and loving memories.

      St. Joseph Cemetery is hallowed ground, dedicated to perpetual remembrance.  Itís a testimonial to our Catholic Churchís  abiding respect for life, and for the continuing dignity everyone deserves in death. 

      St. Joseph Catholic cemetery  serves the members of the the eighteen Catholic Parishes in the city of Evansville and is an extension of their ministry to their people.  When thereís a need, you can rely on the staff of St. Joseph Cemetery.



St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Office

2500 Mesker Park Drive  

 Evansville, Indiana 47720

(812) 423-1356  Fax  (812) 423-1520


Monday-Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm   

 Saturday  7:30 am to 12:30 pm


Join us in praying for the faithful departed at our

All Soul's Day Mass of Remembrance

Sunday, November 1

2 pm in the mausoleum chapel


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